Las Vegas award winning British TV Comedian Lenny Windsor Lenny’s Photographer Cara Addis
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Cara Addis began her photographic journey at a very young age. "I  remember being drawn in by this piercing image of a tiger staring back at me from a National Geographic cover - it mesmerized me. It was unlike any photo or documentary I had seen up until that point. I knew right then I wanted to take photos. My dad was also a photographer, though his camera was so heavy and technical that I think it slightly intimidated me and kept me from picking up a camera for the longest time. It wasn’t until mid year of 2016 that my passion was ignited once again.  It started simple, with the purchase of a smart phone and blossomed when my mom gave me her 10 year old Canon. I haven’t stopped  shooting photos since and I love every minute"!   "Once I determined that this was definitely the path for me and that it was the most fulfilling and expressive way to spend my creative energy, I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography, one of the most highly- rated and nationally accredited photography schools around. This is exactly what I needed-- to learn about taking photos in the complete sense of it all. It's not just about pointing and shooting anymore. It's a whole new ballgame"!   "I like to make the most mundane photo into something that changes one’s mind, that provokes thought. When people look at my work, they should feel emotions, old and perhaps even new. I just want people to feel. Maybe simply taking in a deep breath when they see the sunset over the ocean or laugh when they see the ironic side of my work, but most of all to enjoy what they see. When taking pictures of people I find that I can have a way of making people laugh and making it fun. I catch this spontaneity with my lens. It's the unexpected that captures such rawness and the vulnerability in my model. That is my favorite part". Just some examples of my work.
Cara Addis